Trustonic joins NXP Partner Program


Trustonic, announces it has joined NXP Semiconductors’ Partner Program to support NXP’s latest processors for vehicle networking, targeting next-generation vehicle architectures and service-oriented gateways. The partnership has resulted in the launch of Trustonic’s Kinibi 510 Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on NXP’s S32G vehicle network processors. This announcement provides automotive OEMs with a new commercial-grade TEE on S32G processors to execute secure runtime applications, in addition to the S32G hardware-enforced isolation of security services and assets.

By integrating Trustonic’s TEE onto S32G processors, Trustonic is making its security available in a new domain within the vehicle –the network gateway– the critical point of convergence for sensors, connected wing mirrors, and engine systems. This integration of the TEE simplifies security considerations for automakers, allowing them to manage complete vehicle security from one processor.

Kinibi 510 provides  security capabilities, including advanced protection mechanisms and the ability to run Trusted Applications (TA).  It takes advantage of the S32G Hardware Security Engine (HSE) to provide high-performance cryptography and secure file storage.  With support for Global Platform APIs, OEMs can either leverage Trustonic’s existing TAs or develop their own solutions, fine-tuned to their security needs.  

Kinibi is a highly mature and secure TEE OS, and with Kinibi 510, Trustonic has significantly increased security and side-channel protection. This makes Kinibi 510 TEE an ideal solution for meeting the high bar needed for automotive security, especially with the new cybersecurity regulation and standard.

Trustonic has significant customer traction through its TEE deployments and Trusted Applications, with its technology being used by global OEMs and embedded in 18M+ vehicles and an orderbook of over 50M vehicles. Kinibi 510 is already integrated with multiple chipset vendors and is being used by OEMs around the world. As the need for enhanced security increases, this partnership allows Trustonic and NXP to support automakers on their existing solutions as well as innovate additional in-vehicle features with security at the core.

Andrew Till, GM Secure Platforms at Trustonic, said, “We are thrilled to announce this latest partnership with a leader in the automotive space. It is yet another validation of shift in the automotive industry towards a security-centric future and underlines the importance of the work we are doing at Trustonic. We are providing state-of-the-art security to automotive manufacturers worldwide. Our proven commercial-grade Kinibi 510 integrated onto S32G processors extend opportunities for secure applications execution. Automakers will also be well-positioned to comply with the latest UNECE WP.29 regulation.”

“End-to-end security technologies in vehicle architectures will be critical to the success of connected, software-defined vehicles,” said Brian Carlson, Global Marketing Director for Vehicle Control and Networking Solutions at NXP. “With Trustonic’s support for our S32G vehicle network processors, mutual customers are enabled with another level of runtime applications’ isolation and protection from threats to offer new and innovative trusted services, augmenting our Hardware Security Engine (HSE) that provides a firewalled root-of-trust, security services and key management.”


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