Surveon Retail Solutions turn store security into profitability

Surveon Retail Solutions

Retail intelligence has certainly become the buzzword and retailers increasingly explore how it will impact their business this year and beyond. A high integration surveillance system plays an important role in retail intelligence, which arouses the retailers’ interests. Surveon Retail Solutions provide highly integrated surveillance system, including POS integration, video analytics like people counting and more, preventing potential losses such as employee thefts and shopliftings to make great cost for retail stores, turning the stores security into profitability.

Enhance Business Profit with POS Integration

The video enabling transaction plays a key role in intelligent retail surveillance nowadays. Surveon POS integrated surveillance which can not only extract transactional data from point-of-sale (POS) system and pair the data with video from the time of the transaction but also provide multiple architectures and local/remote monitoring for single store or retail chain operation, supporting partners to avoid losses such as transaction errors and manage stores easily. 

Improve Work Efficiency with Intelligent Video Analytics

Surveon Intrusion Detection can avoid unwelcome visitors to enter some forbidden areas of store such as staff restroom and warehouse, improving work efficiency. The People Counting can accumulate and analyse data on how many people visit the store and when. Compare visit statistics on different days, weeks, months or between stores for improved customer experience, planning efficiency and marketing strategy. 

Guarantee Surveillance Quality with Surveon Control Centre

Surveon Control Centre (SCC) allows a single login at any remote location with full controls over surveillance system, including cameras, I/O devices and many more according to different levels of user privileges. This feature guarantees the surveillance quality and increase the effectiveness of surveillance management. 

Surveon Retail Solutions have been successfully safeguarded House Green, a home improvement retail chain in Taiwan, and Coseimpa, a construction materials distributor in Venezuela. “With Surveon’s complete solutions, it’s possible for us to have situations intelligently interrogated, loss prevented, profitability improved, shrinkage reduced, and better services for our customers.” said Lo, Vice President of House Green. Surveon is dedicated to offering a variety of end-to-end video surveillance solutions catering to different vertical applications, giving partners reliable options for their projects.

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