IDIS looking forward to "fruitful business opportunities" at Intersec 2018

Harry Kwon at Intersec 2018

Harry Kwon, General Manager, IDIS Middle East & North Africa gives his thoughts on Intersec 2018 and the wider security market during day one of the show.

How are you finding the opening day of the show?

As always, it’s exciting when the patron of the show, His Highness Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum cuts the ribbon and then literally 1000s of visitors’ flood in and that’s when you realise this really is the world’s premium security and safety trade show.


Once again, day one is proving incredibly busy as you can see here on the stand. It’s giving us the perfect platform to launch new products to the entire security buying chain and we’ve already met with end users from a wide range of commercial and public sector organisations as well as installers, integrators and distributors. From our experience of exhibiting at the show since 2014, many of these will turn into fruitful business opportunities. Intersec really is a show where you can do business and strike up long lasting partnerships that benefit both parties.


In addition, we always work ahead of the show to book meetings with our existing end users and partners, which gives them the opportunity to experience all our new technologies, to engage with executive leaders from our headquarters in South Korea as well as the local IDIS Middle East & North Africa (MENA) team and all of this deepen and strengthen these relationships.


Not only that, Intersec gives us the opportunity to showcase our entire line-up of both new and existing products and technology in one place including popular stalwarts including the true play-and-play DirectIP® platform and the high performance DirectCX HD analogue over coax solution, so that visitors from across the MENA region and beyond, have the opportunity to get hands on experience, and see the IDIS signature high performance, ease of installation and use and quality in action.


In addition, there is always a range of international and regional press at the show that allows us to highlight our latest technologies, developments across the IDIS business and discuss the latest industry trends.


What are the changes you are seeing in the Middle East market compared to a year ago?

We’ve seen stronger growth due to the completion of new infrastructure projects as well as the need for surveillance upgrades to comply with the various Gulf countries regulatory compliance around surveillance that apply to various industries. So that focus on compliance has definitely increased since last year and something that we see continuing as compliant surveillance solutions will need to be implemented in many of the new infrastructure projects underway as the region sees many huge events coming up in the next few years such as Dubai Expo 2020, the Qatar World Cup, among many others.


To ensure IDIS products and technologies are compliant, last year we focussed on ensuring regulatory compliance with various countries in the region such as the Dubai Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA), Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Center (ADMCC), the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in Qatar, the MOI and Ministry of Education (MOE) in Kuwait among others. This has put us in a strong position to secure banking, government and other high-profile commercial projects.


We’ve also had an overwhelmingly positive reception to our products in the last couple of years, as more and more users in the field have gotten their hands on the equipment and become familiar with the industry leading IDIS quality, practicality and innovation first hand – integrator partners are seeing project-based successes with increased margins and end-users are seeing the value and low total cost of ownership of our offerings in real time and seeing exactly “Why it’s not the same. It’s IDIS.”, which is our theme at this year’s show.


We are also seeing more and more organisations looking for a total solution, which is why you’ll find a powerful range of vertical surveillance solutions here on the stand, including solutions for banking that feature new IDIS Covert Modular camera (DC-V3213XJ), sized perfectly for ATMs particularly when paired with IDIS 4-ch DR-1204P NVR or the DR-2404 featuring RAID1 with the multi-layered protection of IDIS Critical Failover.  IDIS’ retail solution includes a smart and cost-effective video analytics solution, VA in the Box; the company’s new DD-1216 decoder (which enables 16ch real-time display), and the HE-1101 HDMI encoder, which allows for comprehensive PoS monitoring as well as a new line up of 4K cameras and NVRs.

Are you launching any new products into the market this year?

As well as the aforementioned, specifically we are also launching the following:


  • Fast, accurate and scalable IDIS Deep Learning Analytics, powered by the IDIS Deep Learning Engine, which offers nimble monitoring of people, cars and bicycles; and alerts for object detection, loitering and intrusion — all adapted to fit a 16:9 ratio. Now with offerings spanning the IDIS 4-ch DR-1204P NVR (meeting the technological and affordability requirements of smaller operations) to the next-generation IDIS Deep Learning Analytics, IDIS are as committed as ever to meeting “any surveillance need, of any size”


  • Our compression technology Intelligent Codec that supports dual codec, meaning IDIS NVRs can operate using a combination of H.264 and H.265 simultaneously, for example, live monitoring utilising H.264 and recording using H.265 to deliver a 50% saving in storage and bandwidth. This also makes the H.265 range backward compatible for customers with earlier IDIS H.264 technology meaning they do not have to upgrade any existing IDIS products or technology nor IT equipment such as PCs, plus there are no concerns around storage and bandwidth all the while benefiting from x4 times the resolution and when used in addition to Motion Detection (MAT) will deliver up to 90% savings in storage capability.



  • The Smart UX Controls v2.0 features of “Rubberband” and “Slingshot”, which are now patented, enable smooth and seamless controls for users to easily follow moving objects in real-time with ground breaking accuracy by panning images at different speeds and in different directions literally without lifting a finger.

“Quick Controls” allow operators to instantly playback, quickly save images, dewarp, move, save and load with a rapid click and mouse action to improve the organic flow of active monitoring and managing live events.


  • A new line-up of over 18 cameras equipped with H.265 and Intelligent Codec, ranging from a new indoor dome, covert modular cameras, through to new 5MP and 8MP cameras as well as the newly enhanced IDIS 12MP Super Fisheye Camera. New NVRs include the IDIS 4-ch DR-1204P NVR (meeting the technological and affordability requirements of medium to small operations), the all new DR-23/43/6300 series featuring NVR dewarping and all implemented with hardened security network security measures such as two-factor authentication, certificate based authentication, encrypted passwords and NAT/firewall measures as standard.


  • The new DR-8300 series, is now equipped with IDIS Critical Failover, plus NVR failover that delivers iron clad multi-layered protection, including redundant power supply, native support for redundant storage, temporary failover, the “automagical” IDIS Smart Failover. These features ensure that one incident will never be missed. No matter what happens customers can be assured they are making the right investment when choosing IDIS products and technology as our new failover technologies ensure that no matter what happens an IDIS solution will continue to operate.

What do you see are the global trends for 2018?

The global trends for 2018 are really likely to center around the maturation and practical application of so many of the topics driving conversation around video surveillance in the past few years, from the still evolving place for video analytics in every day surveillance, including more and more incorporation of artificial intelligence and deep learning, and the deliberate revisiting of network and data security.

As businesses look to leverage as much value from their surveillance investments as possible, video analytics increasingly offer an ideal way to do so, as analytics can provide valuable business intelligence, which can help drive decision making, improve efficiency, and reveal opportunities for increased revenue.  However, many analytical software applications are expensive and complex to install, putting them out of reach for many. IDIS have launched IDIS VA in the Box for the Middle East markets here at Intersec, which has already proved worldwide to be an incredibly cost effective analytics solution for small and medium businesses, particularly suited to the retail sector.  Visitors to this year’s Intersec will be able to get first look at IDIS VA in the Box in action.

Also, with IDIS founded by experts in artificial intelligence (AI), the company is perfectly positioned to further the industry’s practical application of artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. We’re quite excited to talk about the IDIS Deep Learning Engine with visitors to the stand, as we’ve made the technology more accurate, fast and scalable, as a means of meeting for key goals: innovation, speed, scalability and simplicity. We utilize a Deep Neural Network, a fully convolutional neural network with up-sampling layers and pass through connections.  This allows us to improve video analytics offerings by finding the precise balance of accuracy and speed to meet our customer’s needs.

Finally, network and data security will continue to be a continued concern in years to come. There is certainly a requirement to incorporate strong cybersecurity into IP cameras, since every camera, especially outdoor cameras, are a potential break point into a corporate network. Yet securing cameras alone is not enough and manufacturers need to take a whole system approach.  With IDIS DirectIP® systems, we’ve worked to eliminate human error factors out of IP video surveillance as much as possible, from the design stage on, and we design, manufacture, and train partners and advise end-users in ways to leverage network security best practices that complement our technological approach which means hardware and software purpose-built with modern security threats and challenges in mind. All of this is further supported, in a larger but equally critical sense, by our suite of IDIS Critical Failover features which address the most common threats to surveillance operations and valuable data security. In this way, IDIS is more committed than ever to keeping your surveillance and resulting data secure.


Are you able to talk about any of your recent commercial wins?

We have also expanded our partner network with many due to the success of exhibiting at Intersec from 2015 to 2017. We have established new end-user customers and struck up strategic partnerships such as G4S in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as a direct result of Intersec 2015 with several projects now complete or underway. We were first introduced to Al Sulaiman Security Systems and Services (A4S) at Intersec 2016 and last summer signed a strategic alliance with A4S with the partnership immediately paying dividends, with both companies now working on 150 leads and ten live projects. And we are thrilled to announce here at this year’s Intersec, our project with Al Sulaiman Jewellers, that comprises a 100 IDIS camera solution across 18 branches as well as offices, all of which is compliant with the Qatari Security Systems Department of the Ministry of the Interior (SSD-MOI).


In addition, our partner Al Moayyed Integrated Security Solutions, a company we also first met at Intersec 2016 has finalised the Al Madina Al Shamaliya Sewage Treatment Plant project in Bahrain, which is now benefiting from our enterprise-level IDIS Solution Suite as well as utilising our H.265 range of cameras and NVRs that are imbedded with IDIS Intelligent Codec technology, which delivers up to 90% savings on bandwidth and storage when used in conjunction with Motion Adaptive Technology (MAT).


Al Moayyed Integrated Security Solutions is also currently implementing IDIS solutions across several banks in Bahrain, which is positioning us well in the banking sector across the whole region. The first four banks feature a mix of IDIS H.265 technologies and DirectCX, our advanced analogue HD over coax solution that is based on High Definition Transfer Video Interface (HD-TVI) technology, incorporating our expertise in image processing to provide unrivalled HD recording performance at a low cost. This meant Al Moayyed could leverage existing coax cabling while ensuring the bank’s entire solution is still managed through the highly scalable and modular IDIS Solution Suite VMS.

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