Hikvision releases solar-powered security camera

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Solar-Powered 4G Security Station AD UAE_复制

Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, has launched a new 4G Solar Panel Kit for Standalone Security Sites. This will revolutionize the protection of remote assets in hard to reach places by proving a security camera that runs on solar power.

One of the outstanding features of this camera is an extended buttery life. The camera can run up to 7 days of continues work without sunlight, through the rain, dust or fog. It was designed for outdoor use, the camera is supplied with wind resistant and waterproof features.

Solar-powered Standalone Security Camera is equipped with durable power supply, which includes smart power management and battery protection.

Using the Hikvision solution, remote sites and operations can boost their security quickly, easily, and at a low cost. With no need for a fixed network or power supply, and simple installation that can be carried out by just one person, the solution can be rolled out in hours – with very little need for ongoing maintenance or support.

The issue of having no power or network is no longer a problem, with the kit providing power to the camera through the solar panel and connectivity through 4G. It sends data to a communication station and then on to the security monitoring center, where it can be managed using HikCentral Professional, and the HikConnect app. This means both monitoring and management activities, like viewing footage live, can be done remotely over the 4G network.

Its lightweight design makes the kit easy to install, so just one person can install it with a pole mount. The IP67 level of protection makes it hardy against rain, and it also survives well against the strong winds often experienced in remote areas.

The kit demonstrates long endurance, detecting power levels and automatically adjusting to power-saving mode when they are low. This means it can work continuously for seven days in cloudy and rainy weather when fully charged.

Key benefits include:

  • High-quality imaging for fast, effective incident responses, including Clear imaging against strong back light.
  • 24×7 security monitoring – in any weather
  • Rapid, simple, cost-effective installation
  • Camera: Water and dust resistant

To know more details about the product, check out here! (https://bit.ly/3gYcgQO)

Contact us for more inquires: salesme@hikvision.com


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