Changing the Guard in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Succession

Changing the Guard in Saudi Arabia

On early morning of April 29, King Salman of Saudi Arabia issued series of Royal Decrees ushering in a new political era and solidifying the royal line of succession into the second generation. These decrees correspond mostly with what we predicted in our Saudi alert of January 23rd (found below). These are the main Royal Decrees:

1) The “resignation” of Crown Prince Migrin on “health grounds” was accepted by the King.

2) Deputy Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef appointed as Crown Prince and next king from the second generation.

3) Defence minister Prince Muhammad bin Salman appointed as deputy Crown Prince, though he gave up his other position as head of Royal Court in favour of his close ally Hamad al-Suwailim

4) Prince Saud al-Faisal resigned as minister of foreign affairs. Saudi’s ambassador to the Washington, Adel al-Jubair will replace him. 

Five Dimensions Consultants who have strong links into Saudi Arabia have been speaking to someone close to the Saudi Royal family for and he said “Prince Muhammad bin Salman was asked to give up his position as head of the Royal Court – even though he will still be in charge through his loyal ally al-Suwailim – in order to sooth the fears of other members of the royal family who feared total control by the young ambitious friend. The royal decrees will ensure the longevity of the Sudairi clan of the royal family as the masters of the Kingdom’s affairs for decades to come, barring any internal disputes or unpredictable “black swans” of fate.

The next big move will be to abolish the Saudi National Guard and merge most of its units with the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior within 2015 and granting the National Guard minister commander Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah an early and comfortable retirement.”

What is clear is the internal political moves are designed to try and stabilise not just domestic politics but give a clear long term statement to the region, coming at a time where regional stability is worsening and Saudi Arabia is being increasingly drawn into the conflict in Yemen.

Five Dimension consultants will keep us updated on the impact of latest announcements.

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